Our Mission

Peace Meal Kitchen is low-profit organization dedicated to educating diners on regions that either misrepresented by the media in the United States or are in political turmoil with the US government. Our hope is to humanize other cultures that are not easily accessible and initiate meaningful discussion regarding these misconceptions. During your dining experience you will learn about the geography, culture, and people of the country of focus. 
In the spirit of our mission, the majority of profits from each pop-up are donated to a non-profit dedicated to the betterment of citizens in the country of focus.

Learn more about what countries are at conflict with the US through the Council on Foreign Relation's Global Conflict Tracker.

What is gastrodiplomacy?

Gastrodiplomacy or culinary diplomacy is the concept of utilizing food to help in bridging cultural differences between two groups of people. The concept of breaking bread to initiate peace has existed through time. 
urious for more? Learn more about gastrodiplomacy in this article featured on NPR.

Why dine with us?

In today's political environment we are quick to embrace food from other regions yet fail to fully understand the culture and people who created the cuisine. Peace Meal Kitchen aims to decrease the space dividing us from other cultures and unite people over a meal. Come join us on this culinary adventure as you expand your mind and boundaries.